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Raphael  Boleslavsky

Raphael Boleslavsky

Associate Professor, Economics

Research Interests

Static and dynamic contracts; and information economics

Featured Publications

  • Boleslavsky, Raphael and Maher Said. 2013. “Progressive Screening: Long Term Contracting With a Privately Known Stochastic Process.” Review of Economic Studies 80(1):1-34

    Boleslavsky, Raphael and David L. Kelly. 2014. “Dynamic Regulation Design Without Monetary Payments: the Importance of Timing.” Journal of Public Economics 120:169-180

    Boleslavsky, Raphael and Christopher Cotton. 2015. “Information and Extremism in Elections.” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 7(1):165-207

    Boleslavsky, Raphael and Christopher Cotton. 2015. “Grading Standards and Education Quality.” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 7(2):248-79

    Boleslavsky, Raphael and Tracy Lewis. 2016. “Evolving Influence: Mitigating Extreme Conflicts of Interest in Advisory Relationships.” Games and Economic Behavior, 98:110-134

    Boleslavsky, Raphael and Christopher Cotton and Haresh Gurnani. 2016. “Demonstrations and Price Competition in New Product Release.” Management Science, forthcoming

    Boleslavsky, Raphael and Christopher Cotton. 2016. “Limited Capacity in Project Selection: Competition Through Evidence Production.” Economic Theory, forthcoming


  • Mechanism design
  • Microeconomic theory


  • Ph.D., Economics, Duke University, 2009
  • B.A., Mathematics and Economics, New York University, 2001

Honors and Awards

  • William C. Johnson, Jr. Faculty Research Award, 2016
Raphael  Boleslavsky


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