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Michael T. French

Michael T. French

Department Chair and Professor, Health Management and Policy, and Academic Director, Masters in Health Administration Program

Research Interests

Health economics; health policy; alternative health care delivery systems; human resource economics; transportation policies; workplace discrimination; and behavioral health evaluations

Featured Publications

  • Dean, E.C.B, M.T. French, and K. Mortensen.  2020.  “Food Insecurity, Health Care Utilization, and Health Care Expenditures.”  Health Services Research.  55(Suppl. 2):883–893. 

    French, M.T., K. Mortensen, and A.R. Timming.  2020.  “Psychological Distress and Coronavirus Fears During the Initial Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States.”  Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics.  23:93-100.

    Hill, T.D., A.P. Davis, J.M. Roos, and M.T. French.  2020.  “Limitations of Fixed-Effects Models for Panel Data.” Sociological Perspectives.  63(3):357-369.

    Marcozzi, D.E., R. Pietrobon, J.V. Lawler, M.T. French, C. Mecher, J. Peffer, N.E. Baehr, and B.J. Browne.  2020.  “Development of a Hospital Medical Surge Preparedness Index Using a National Hospital Survey.”  Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology.  20:60–83.

    French, M.T., and A.R. Timming.  2020.  “Hormone Therapy and Discrimination in the Labor Market:  Emerging Experimental Evidence on the Economics of Endocrinology.”  Endocrine Research.  45(4):254-257.

    Beulaygue, I., M.T. French, and P.K. Robins.  2020.  “Early Initiation of Marijuana Use, Human Capital Formation, and Earnings of Young Adults.”  Journal of Children and Poverty.  26(1):40-63.

    Timming, A.R., M.T. French , and D. Fan. In Press. “Exploring the Fluid Boundary Between ‘Legitimate Performance Management’ and ‘Downward Bullying’: An Experimental Approach.” Industrial Relations Journal. 50(4):348-361.

    Mortensen, K., M.T. French, and A.R. Timming. 2019. “Are Tattoos Associated with Negative Health-Related Outcomes and Risky Behaviors?” International Journal of Dermatology. 58(7):816-824.

    French, M.T. , K. Mortensen, and A.R. Timming. 2019. “Are Tattoos Associated with Employment and Wage Discrimination?: Analyzing the Relationships Between Body Art and Labor Market Outcomes.” Human Relations. 72(5):962–987.

    Lubarsky, D.A., M.T. French, H.S Gitlow, L.F. Rosen, and S.G. Ullmann. 2019. “ Why Money Alone Can’t (Always) ‘Nudge’ Physicians: The Role of Behavioral Economics in the Design of Physician Incentives.” Anesthesiology. 130:154-170.

    French, M.T., and G. Gumus. 2018. “Watch for Motorcycles! The Effects of Texting and Handheld Bans on Motorcyclist Fatalities.” Social Science and Medicine. 216:81-87.

    Mortensen K., M.T. French, M. Alcala, and T. Hu. 2018. “Self-reported Health Status Differs for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Respondents Compared to Nationally Representative Surveys. Medical Care. 56(3):211-15.

    Horn, B.P., X. Li, S. Mamun, B. McCrady, P. Guerrin, and M.T. French. 2018. “The Economic Costs of Jail-Based Methadone Maintenance Treatment.” The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. 44(6):611-618.

    McCollister, K., X. Yang, B. Sayed, M.T. French, J.A. Leff, and B.R. Schackman. 2017. “Monetary Conversion Factors for Economic Evaluations of Substance Use Disorders.” Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 81(October):25-34.

    Mundt, M.P., O. Antonaccio, M.T. French, and L.I. Zakletskaia. 2017. “The Role of Adolescent Friendship Group Integration and Cohesion in Weapon-Related Violent Crime as a Young Adult.” Journal of Youth and Adolescence. 46(8):1643-1660.

    Horn, B.P., C. Crandall, A. Forcehimes, M.T. French, and M. Bogenschutz. 2017. “Benefit-Cost Analysis of SBIRT Interventions for Substance Using Patients in Emergency Departments.” Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 79(August):6-11.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Health and Medical Decision Making (Graduate)
  • Applied Health Policy (Undergraduate)
  • Health Economics (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Analysis of Health Care Delivery and Policy (Graduate)
  • Editor, Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, 2015 - Present
  • Editorial Board, Evaluation and Program Planning, 2011 - Present
  • Editorial Board, Health Services Research, 2009 - Present
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2001 - Present


  • Economics
  • Quasi-experimental designs
  • Decision Analysis


  • Ph.D., Economics, Boston College, 1986
  • M.S., Economics, Boston College, 1984
  • B.A., Economics, James Madison University, 1982

Honors and Awards

  • Excellence in Teaching Award. Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami., Master in Health Administration, Class of December 2019.
  • Excellence in Teaching Award. Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami., Master in Health Administration, Class of December 2018.
  • Georgescu-Roegen Prize, Southern Economic Association, 2016
Michael T. French


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