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Uzma  Khan

Uzma Khan

Associate Professor, Marketing


Uzma Khan is associate professor of marketing at University of Miami. Khan is an expert on consumer behavior, marketing management, and decision-making. Her research focuses on goals and motivation, sequential decision-making, self-control, risk perception, and choice architecture. Her work has been published in top journals including Journal of Consumer ResearchJournal of Marketing ResearchManagement Science, and Psychological Science. She serves on editorial review boards for Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology and has consulted for clients in airline, education and high-tech industries.

Research Interests

Judgment and decision-making; motivation; emotions; self-control; and risk perception

Featured Publications

  • Khan, Uzma & Daniella Kupor (Forthcoming), “Value Atrophy in Risk Perception,” Journal of Consumer Research.

    Jia, Jayson, Uzma Khan & Ab Litt (2015), “The Effect of Self-Control on the Construction of Risk Perceptions,” Management Science, 61(9), 2259-2280.

    Hamilton et al. (2014), “Consumer Substitution Decisions: An Integrative Framework,” Marketing Letters, 25(3), 305-317.

    Kim, Eunice, Uzma Khan, & Ravi Dhar (2013), “Comparing Apples to Apples or Apples to Oranges: The Role of Mental Representation in Choice Difficulty,” Journal of Marketing Research, 50(4), 505-516.

    Khan, Uzma & Zakary Tormala (2012), “Inviting Questions”, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22(3), 408-417.

    Khan, Uzma, Meng Zhu & Ajay Kalra (2011), “When Tradeoffs Matter: The Effect of Choice Construal on Context Effects,” Journal of Marketing Research, 48(1), 62-71.

    Khan, Uzma & Ravi Dhar (2010), “Price Framing Effects on Purchase of Hedonic & Utilitarian Bundles,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47(6): 1090- 1099.

    Litt, Ab, Uzma Khan & Baba Shiv (2010), “Lusting While Loathing: Parallel Counter-Driving of Wanting & Liking,” Psychological Science 21(1): 118-25.

    Khan, Uzma & Ravi Dhar (2007), “Where There Is a Way, Is There a Will? The Effect of Future Choices on Current Preferences,” Journal of Experimental Psychology-General, 136: 277-288.

    Dhar, Ravi, Joel Huber & Uzma Khan (2007), “The Shopping Momentum Effect,” Journal of Marketing Research, 44 (3): 370-378.

    Khan, Uzma & Ravi Dhar (2006), “Licensing Effect in Consumer Choice,” Journal of Marketing Research, 43: 259-266.

    Griffin, Dale, Wendy Liu & Uzma Khan (2005), “A New Look at Constructed Choice Processes,” Marketing Letters, 16(3): 321-333.

    Khan, Uzma, Klaus Wertenbroch & Ravi Dhar (2005), “A Behavioral Decision Theory Perspective on Hedonic & Utilitarian Choice,” in Inside Consumption: Frontiers of Research on Consumer Motives, Goals, & Desires (Ed.) S. Ratneshwar & David Glen Mick, Routledge: 144-165.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Marketing, Miami Herbert Business School, 2016 - Present
  • Associate Professor, Marketing, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, 2011 - 2016
  • Assistant Professor, Marketing, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, 2007 - 2010
  • Assistant Professor, Marketing, Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business, 2005 - 2007


  • Ph.D., Marketing, Yale University School of Management, 2005
  • Economics, University of Peshawar, 1997

Honors and Awards

  • Top 10 Reviewers Award, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2011
  • Marketing Science Institute’s Young Scholar, 2011
  • Ormond Family Faculty Scholar, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2010 - 2011
  • Hillel Einhorn New Investigator Award (honorable mention), Society of Judgment & Decision Making, 2009
  • Frank A. & Helen E. Risch Faculty Development Professorship in Business Chair, Carnegie Mellon University, 2006, 2007
  • Winner John A. Howard/AMA Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2005
  • SCP-SHETH Doctoral Dissertation Award (honorable mention), 2004
  • WhiteBox Advisors Doctoral Fellow, International Center for Finance, Yale University, 2004 - 2005
  • AMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2002
  • Yale University Graduate Fellowship, 2000 - 2004
  • Gold Medal (ranked first in Economics Department), University of Peshawar, 1997
  • Roll of Honor & Faculty Record (ranked first in the Faculty of Arts), University of Peshawar, 1997
  • Prince of Wales Scholarship, United World College of Atlantic, U.K., 1990
Uzma  Khan


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