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Art Exhibit 2020

Richard Conti

About the ArtistRichard Conti is a Miami-based visual artist and an obsessively driven, diversely experienced Creative Director in the advertising and publishing fields. In his pursuit of art, Richard continuously pushes the limits of creativity and takes a closer look to find a unique artistic language. The interplay of his photographic skills, detailed craftsmanship and his passion for the use of light and its effect on color, generate the tri-dimensionality, minimalism and enigmatic feeling the spectator experiences while engaging with his work.



"GEOM - S4"
Photography, acrylic, LED-Lights

Susan Feldman

About the Artist As a native of Ohio Susan studied art at The Ohio State University, the Columbus College of Arts and Design, and the University of Cincinnati, where she initially cultivated her love for pen & ink and watercolor. Over the past 35 years Susan has studied with various artists in South Florida who specialize in oils and watercolor. The palette knife has been an important tool in her execution of oil on canvas. Some of her paintings appear in private collections in homes and businesses. Most recently Susan has begun painting murals. Her murals can be found over cribs, on living room walls, and on many walls at Jackson South Community Hospital in Miami Florida.



Palette knife oil on canvas



About the Artist Born in the Republic of Panama to Chinese parents, MaiYap has been able to magically blend East and West on canvas. Within the walls of her parent’s home, she was immersed in the beauty, balance and perfection of millennial traditions passed on from one generation to another. Once outside these walls, her senses were overcome by the amazing colors, sounds and energy of the Tropics. Panama provided a bustling backdrop of exciting people, places, and music. Most importantly, its natural surroundings provided the perfect artistic inspiration to imagine and create her magnificent flowers and unique landscapes. It also gave her the courage to voice her concerns and fears about our planet’s welfare through her powerful environmental abstracts.



  "Cloudscape #49"
Palette knife oil on canvas

Cloudscape #49 evokes a perfect Sunday afternoon at the Everglades National Park.

Emilio Perez

About the Artist Born 1972, New York. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY Rhythm, movement and intuition are in abundance in Emilio Perez’s works, revealing an interest in music, as well as a fascination with the forces of nature. Known as a painter's painter, combining the inherent aspects of painting with drawing in his unique stylistic process. His work is a combination of the spontaneity and expressiveness of painting (purposefully in its loosest form) and the immediacy and graphic quality of drawing. Energetic and intensely layered, his art is made using a distinctive stylistic process that combines painting, cutting and drawing. The artist generates his kinetic imagery by pushing paint in across a canvas, building layer over layer, and then going back into the painting to "draw" with a blade cutting his marks. Melding foreground and background, Perez's hand-cut marks ebb and flow between layers like the fluidity of ocean currents.



  "Space Face B-4"
Hand cut stencil drawing on screen print

Cristina Lei Rodriguez

About the Artist Cristina Lei Rodriguez (1974) lives and works in Miami, FL. She received her BA from Middlebury College in 1996, and MFA from California College of Art in 2002. The objects Rodriguez creates take many forms, but all are made from common materials that are given a new intangible life. Her work is organic and minimalist, yet pristinely finished; echoing a tension between the natural and the artificial.
Her art has been exhibited internationally and nationally at museums, institutions and galleries such as the Serpentine Gallery (London), Brooklyn Academy of Music (New York), Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris, Miami), Team Gallery and Deitch Projects (both New York). Rodriguez’s work is included in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art (Oslo), Perez Art Museum Miami, The Bass (Miami), Boca Raton Museum of Art, NSU Museum Ft. Lauderdale, and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum (Miami).



  "Prismatic (Rainbow Diptych)"
Ultraviolet print on cotton backed vinyl, wood

Maya Schonenberger

About the Artist Born and raised in Basel Switzerland, Maya Schonenberger holds a degree in textile art from Basel. She lives and works in Miami. Maya has been working as a professional studio artist for many years and her fiber and mixed media pieces have been exhibited in the US as well as in Europe. For the last two decades she has used her artwork as a language to express concerns and thoughts about our environment and social issues. Rarely can the two be separated.
“My artwork is not about doom and gloom but about creating awareness. I see the pieces as messengers as well as peacemakers. I want my viewers to get excited and inspired. I want them to think critically about important issues that confront them on a daily basis. I want my art to inspire an open and creative mind in my viewers. I also hope to nourish the viewer’s eyes and soul.”
Her award-winning artwork has been shown nationally and internationally in exhibitions such as Quilt National, FAVA, Visions Art Quilt Gallery, Fine Focus and many more.



" Fresh Water Springs"

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