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Envestnet Institute on Campus

The Envestnet Institute on Campus (EIOC) program at UM is geared toward college and graduate-level students seeking a career in asset and wealth management. Selected students gain in-depth training through an eLearning program with content from leaders in the financial services industry. The program aims to build a bridge between colleges/universities and investment management by training talented young individuals and positioning them for employment across various areas of the industry.

Students will benefit from relevant, broad-based, practical training on investment management. From the course content, students will gain an overall understanding of the industry, as well as the tools and insights needed to converse intelligently and interview well to give them an edge over their peers. After successful completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to get their resumes in front of industry professionals searching for interns or new hires

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Program Highlights

Some of the benefits and draws of the EIOC program include:


Students will complete the following courses as part of the EIOC program:

EIOC-100 Introduction to the Investment Advisory Industry
EIOC-101 Basics of Investing
EIOC-102 The Evolution of Managed Investment Solutions Industry
EIOC-200 Advisor Sales Process and Client Interview
EIOC-201 Baby Boomer Investing
EIOC-202 Technology to Service and Support Managed Solutions
EIOC-203 The Unified Managed Household and What it Means to the Financial Advisory Business


To apply, please fill in the application below. Graduate and undergraduate students of all majors who are interested in investment advisory with a focus on managed money solutions are welcome to apply. The program runs twice a year (fall and spring).



The University of Miami and Envestnet are separate and unaffiliated entities, and are not responsible for each other’s services or policies.  This should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular product, service, firm or school.

Meet the Program Advisor

Paul Borochin

Paul Borochin is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Finance at the Miami Herbert Business School. His research draws on information from the public markets to provide quantitative insights on future equity and option performance, identify expected value effects of corporate events, and predict policy decisions. He studies the effects of institutional ownership and common ownership linkages between firms for different types of institutional owners defined by their investment styles. Professor Borochin teaches an undergraduate course in investments, as well as graduate courses in portfolio management, derivatives pricing, and financial modeling. He also advises the UM Student Managed Investment Fund.

Professor Borochin's Profile


Envestnet Program Advisor and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Finance

(305) 284-9144
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